Drugs and PM candidates

June 13
To be the next Tory leader and therefore prime minister it appears that a candidate has to reveal some form of by-gone drug use. Running across a field of wheat simply doesn’t cut it.
A candidate’s plan on how to leave the EU on reasonable terms for both the EU and the UK is of more interest. The problem is the Dominic Grieve / Oliver Letwin faction in the Tory party, who with large elements of the Labour party want to enshrine in UK law the impossibility of leaving without a deal.
Very few people want to leave without a deal and rely on WTO terms for our future trade with the EU. Continuing with some form of Free Trade Agreement would obviously be beneficial to both the EU and the UK.
The problem is the Theresa May withdrawal agreement deal, which includes the Backstop and a £39 billion give-away to the EU. Their politicians and business leaders are still salivating over the vast amounts of money they can siphon off from the UK taxpayer.
It is no wonder that this deal was rejected three times by Parliament, even if Rory Stewart, who of the seven surviving leadership candidates came last, supports it. EU politicians, still hopeful that this deal will go through, are pinning their hopes on Stewart, Grieve, Letwin and their ilk.
Why should the EU negotiate a more reasonable deal when they still have hopes that their fifth column will prevail? The EU will only begin to negotiate a reasonable deal at eleven p.m. on October 31st.
In the meantime, we will be subjected to EU propaganda about how important it is to the UK because it takes 44% of our exports and we only take 8% of theirs. EU politicians seldom mention the £67 billion trade surplus they have with the UK and the number of jobs in the EU dependant on their exports to the UK.
The new prime minister will have to hold his nerve as the pressure for a deal mounts in October. The preparations for no-deal and the costs to businesses will be expensive, but not nearly as expensive as the May/Stewart withdrawal agreement.
Chris King


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