Sign of the times?

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August 26

I have lived and worked in Spain many years, and have enjoyed so many experiences on a day to day basis.

I know the last 18 months or so have been hard on so many people, for so many different reasons, and I do totally understand that we need tourism to survive on this coast, but we are seeing so many areas, Jávea to name one, that has changed beyond belief. I know we keep blaming the younger people but it is more then that.

Everyone seems to want to argue or are just plain rude. Whatever happened to the smile and “How are you”.

I know businesses need to earn the money in three months to last the year but Jávea does well with full time residents, it has never been a cheap destination. When you go shopping, you are looking over your shoulder in case there is someone waiting for you to open your car so they can grab your handbag.

I know this happens everywhere, but it is still unnerving. I had to go to Alicante airport last week, I actually took my jewellery off and just took some money and my driving licence so I had nothing on me that anyone could take.

I am not sure whether it is just me feeling nervous or whether it is a sign of the times.

Roda Walker

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