Shopping in the lockdown


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March 20

I am in Alfaz and went to Albir on Monday. At Lidl we were allowed to enter by a security guard, having waited in a short queue one metre apart from each other. There were plenty of supplies, including the items you listed, apart from a shelf where usually there is sliced bread. This was being washed down & I heard that fresh supplies were expected.
Today, Friday, in Alfaz I was able to go to 2 major supermarkets, short wait in line to enter, plenty of supplies again. In one though, the pre-packed meat was being put onto the shelves and no pan was available. However, some was sitting in a trolley and a helpful assistant gave out this to myself and 2 other Spanish customers when we asked if we could have a barra. Both shops were not overcrowded either or any overloaded trollies evident. Perhaps you were in a place where mostly tourists are evident. Maybe they are planning on returning to their home country with full suitcases stashed with goodies?

Alice Band

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