Strange creature found in Madrid

Dog in city park sniffs out what has now been identified as a rotting dolphin

Police are investigating how the 1.9-metre dolphin came to be buried in the city park Photo: EPA

For the past 10 days, Spain has been gripped by a mysterious find in a Madrid park. It was discovered last Tuesday afternoon by a three-year-old Dachshund called César in the capital’s largest park, Casa de Campo.

When his owner went to find out what his dog had become excited about, he saw the half-buried head of what he thought was another dog. But as he started to uncover it, he was overcome by a stench of rotting flesh and fish.

He continued to dig and finally was presented with the body of a creature 1.9 metres in length with fins and a mouthful of savage teeth which was wrapped in chicken wire. The local police were called in and immediately advised the city’s Environmental Protection Unit, considering that the find could be linked to possible illegal animal trafficking.


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