Rubbish in Playa Flamenca


July 14

Have a look at this rubbish in Calle Luis Cordillo – it’s like it all the time. It smells all the time and there is vermin too.
Playa Flamenca is the one area that is not looked after? We have a big market on Saturday and the road is cleaned well, although not the side roads. The plastic bags blow all around and the rubbish gets trapped onto the Auxicons building/storing site in Calle Nicolas de Bussi, which is a mess and embarrassing to the local residents when family and friends come out (making excuses for living in a dirty area). The rubbish collects down by the new Chino and opposite the Boulevard all the away along Calle Mira bordering the Ravine, which I don’t even want to mention as that is one of the biggest problems as it is always full of bottles, paper, you name it, and the paper leaflets which are mainly because of these small businesses who continually stick their adverts up along the railings, under car window wipers and into people’s gates. Can’t we stop them from littering the area?
Have a walk up to Parque Del Duque, where the bars are and look across the road to enjoy the view?! Or even walk on down to the town hall along Calle Pablo Picaso and see how much dog mess and rubbish you can see.
Why is Playa Flamenca such a rubbish tip? Other areas are reasonably clean and they have green areas to enjoy (which we don’t), and they have small parks or playgrounds for the kiddies (which we don’t, other than a very small one next to the new Murphy’s Bar). Good job we have La Zenia Boulevard because Playa Flamenca has little else to offer but dirty rubbish blowing around and stinking bins which are not always emptied regularly.
We need to stop the paper flyers being put around advertising these small companies. Can’t we fine them – that would bring in plenty of money for the taxman – or let us have litter bins along ‘all’ our roads, like other countries have, so children can reach them and put their litter in (they can’t use our big stupid ones). Also, adults would use them instead of dropping their rubbish and the paper flyers that have been put under their car wipers.
Such a lovely country, beautiful weather and friendly Spanish people. Why is the town council letting it look like a slum? Surely Cllr Sofia Alvarez could do more. CLARO, a small political party, seem to do more. What a pity more people did not vote for them.

Best wishes
Carol Swands

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  1. I really agree with everything said here
    The street off the market vista lola is never cleaned up after the market rubbish
    And people just walk there dogs down here to go to the toilet
    Fences also falling down and weeds everywhere.
    We have to clean up ourselves


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