Robbers on the AP7


September 14

I want to make your readers aware of the endemic menace impacting on travellers in Spain on the Autovia – AP7. We travelled down to Calpe from the UK on Tuesday through France and were approached 4 times between Barcelona and Valencia. Twice in motorway services stations and twice being flagged to stop on the motorway.
Whilst we are astute and would not engage with this these people, we were not sufficiently vigilant when putting air in our tyres at the service station whilst engaged in doing so, as someone opened the passenger door and took my handbag, my husband’s travel bag and my iPhone. This meant we lost our passports, cash, credit cards, expensive purse, etc.
Fortunately, they eventually dumped and found take to the police on Tortosa with virtually everything but the cash, so we are now in possession of credit cards and passports, however the whole experience was worrying and highly stressful. Maybe you have covered this issue before, but though we were aware of this was a problem, we were not aware of to what extent this is prevalent and travellers need to be aware.
One of the men at the service station became aggressive when we were not fooled, so we had to lock ourselves in the car, the impact of this on some people’s health could be very serious. We would be prepared to speak to a journalist if you would write an article on this.

Linda Ashdown

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