Regarding vegetarian option for tapas route


February 28

I have seen the letter from Garry Sheen in your letters page Feb 22-28. I must say although we accept that vegetarianism and the population of vegans are both increasing.
The population as a whole is, by an enormous majority, still primarily meat or fish eaters.
I think Mr. Sheen is missing a point here, not only is the twice-yearly ‘Ruta’ an opportunity for 40 restaurants to display their ‘wares’ to the public, but it is also a competition for the restaurants themselves!
The winners are of course the restaurants that have received the highest number of votes and also reflect the scores the public give them after each visit.
Quite simply, the greater the ‘footfall’ the higher the potential scores for each restaurant.
I have nothing against veggies or vegans who make their own lifestyle choice; however, there are nowhere near sufficient like-minded people in the population yet for any restaurant to take this enormous step, if it is taking the competition seriously, as most do.
Indeed the only criticism we have of this wonderful event is that there also isn’t an alcohol-free option.
On occasions, my wife might prefer to choose water over wine and it’s correct to say that the majority of restaurants have then chosen to charge extra, even though obviously, we have not received the wine, which is included!
Overall, however, we will defend the right of the restauranteurs to choose their own food choice which best represents their businesses.

Graham & Linda Powell

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