Regarding TV adverts


August 6

Re: Issues no 2303 & 2304 – TV ads
Although your correspondent PDT generally detests TV advertising and in addition alleges that viewers are being taken like idiots, I disagree.
In the 1980s, during my stay in the USA, my favourite commercial consisted in watching Morris the tabby spokes-cat, mascot for 9Lives brand cat food. I still remember the sequence when his female owner took Spanish lessons.
After having pushed the button of the record player, a voice asked “Buenos días, Morris. “ “Qué tal Morris?” There was Morris‘ sardonic voice-over: “Cut that chitchat, get out the good stuff, 9Lives Savory Stew, Seafood Platter or Ranch Supper . . .“ It was said that Morris enjoyed the leather upholstery back seat of a chauffeur-driven Jaguar saloon when he was taken to a TV studio.
In America, I watched the first TV ads where people were singing. For example a choir of BMW car dealers. The airlines followed suit, such as “Fly fly away, on a winter holiday, fly TWA . . .”
California’s largest car dealer, Cal Worthington, would show his inventory from a helicopter. He appeared in a western-style outfit, promising the best deals on the West Coast and inviting the kids for a free ride on an elephant . . .
Here in Spain they show a commercial where the viewer is being told: “We know exactly where you’re going during a commercial break . . .” Thereafter, the tiled walls of a bathroom is being shown coupled with a variety of tiles to choose from.
Most Spanish channels take the break at the same time.

Best regards
Wilfred Weissmann

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