Seeking out new life for Jean-Luc Picard


We may be about to enter dark times after March 29 but at least we will have a strong leader to light our path and guide us when the going gets tough. Jean-Luc Picard, one of the finest people to ever take charge of a starship will be returning to our screens in a new series for CBS. Patrick Stewart is reprising his role as the iconic captain in a show that will explore the next chapter in his life.
For science fiction fans like me, this is very welcome news. The last time he played the cool, contemplative, cerebral Earl Grey-drinking character was in the film Nemesis, way back in 2002.
There are few details as yet about the forthcoming series but I’m hoping Picard recognises discrepancies in the space-time continuum and travels back in time to prevent reality TV, flares and Brexit, thereby restoring balance to the Universe.

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