Regarding British holidaymakers ignoring the lockdown


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March 16

Typical majority British culture, yet again dragging us minority British through the gutters of the world, especially Spain. I will always be a proud Brummie but truly ashamed to be British. In fact so much so, when abroad and locals ask are you English, I always reply NO! I am a dignified European.
We can see what is happening with the British generation today in the light of this Pandemic. Unlike the past generations of World War I & II where everyone joined together for survival, people SHARED!
Everyone had a little of something. And this generation, no! Panic buy, clear the shelves, look after ourselves, number 1 and our family. Don’t worry about anyone else.
Let them starve. More for me. YES! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. SHAME ON YOU! So how do you expect them to behave in Benidorm and the world? British disgrace as always.

Totally ashamed,
Stuart Scott, Torquay

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