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February 1, 2017

Re: ‘Not enough rain to claim’ letter from Louise Cole.
I had a similar experience 2 years ago with an insurance company (name withheld for legal reasons). I was sold a worthless policy, that on the sixth page in a clause said that the level of rain that had to fall in one hour was more than the average rainfall for January. It was also up to me to find the local meteorological centre to prove any rainfall levels. It was outrageous and obviously a fraudulent worthless policy. It cost me thousands to repair my roof.
I wrote to CBNews at the time to recommend they investigate and write an article on useless insurance policies and fraud in Spain. I received no response. I assume this was because CBNews benefits from adverts by insurance company advertising. That is where I saw their advert and purchased the useless insurance. It is the duty of CBNews to advise their readers that policies advertised through their newspaper may not be worth the paper they are written on.

C Goody

Dear reader
The warning you request is given every week on page 2 or our publications and is a legal requirement. Indeed we have an obligation to our customers regarding advertising, but we cannot (and are not legally entitled to either) investigate each of their offers. Legally it is the obligation of the customer to check out all clauses before signing on an insurance policy – or any other legal document to that effect. As for the lack of response, I can only assume we a) did not receive the email at the correct address or b) it was passed on to our legal department.

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