Excellent cat killer caught coverage


San Fulgencio
February 24, 2017

Dear Editor,
Excellent coverage on the “Cat killer caught” in Benidorm on your last editions.
I’m a Spanish national living at the La Marina Urbanization in San Fulgencio and I agree that a lot has to be done to educate people here in Spain on how to respect animal rights.
I had a Siamese cross cat that just disappeared from my house about 50 days ago. I made all the efforts that I could possibly make to find her at no avail. She was a 5 year old female neutered cat, so definitely she didn’t leave in search for a partner.
I’ve already looked at all the pictures of cats for adoption in many animal rescue websites, including at the local shelter at La Marina Urbanization where they have 3 Siamese cats for adoption, but not even one similar to her. She is gone and I already lost hope of seeing her again sleeping on her cat bed at night.
I had already noticed that many stray cats that lived in the neighbourhood that used to come to my house for cat food, just disappeared in the course of the last 5 to 6 months. And cats just don’t disappear overnight.
I questioned people around but of course nobody knows anything and I believe that if someone knows something is not going to give any clue. And the person or persons that are doing this sort of thing know exactly what they are doing, because the cats disappear without leaving any trace.
The worst scenario is that these kind of people that exterminate stray cats with their own hands, sooner or later, are going to kill cats that have a house and an owner that cares for them. The animals don’t talk so they can’t say that they have a house and an owner that loves them. They pay with a horrible death just to be walking around.
This little Siamese cross was born on my yard 5 years ago from a stray with other 2 siblings, and was the only one who decided to stay in the house. Once again after 5 years in the house she would not leave to become a stray. She used to go out for a walk, like cats do, but was back home for her food and bed.
Many thanks for such coverage, people has to know about this “Esquadrón Kat” existence, and that the same thing might be happening at the La Marina Urbanization in San Fulgencio.

Best Regards,
(name withheld)

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