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September 2

Yesterday, as is my custom, I went down to the promenade to check in situ if the issues that I had presented at Torrevieja town hall and commented on in plenary session about the lifeguards and the bathrooms had been corrected.

The restrooms were clean and yes, they already had toilet paper. What was not clear is whether the cleaning products are still provided by the company or by the people who carry out the work.

The hut on the Playa del Cura beach is made of wood, the old one, but the lifeguards considered themselves lucky because they had electricity and a fan that they bought out of their own pockets, which seemed third-world and outrageous to me, knowing the economic amount that we pay to the company given the contract. Incomprehensible that the council and the beach councillor do not have more control of those companies that charge a lot but take little care of their workers.

The case of the one on the promenade is another story but more than one of joy, it is of sadness and despair. The toilet that the company manages, different from the company that manages the rest (who knows the reason for having two different companies) is in a deplorable state and the video obtained by me will be sent to the electronic site of the town hall because it will not be a pleasure to publish it on networks.

Once again the priority of this council is seen where entertainment is and the votes of their ‘congregation’ of followers are much more important than the well-being of those who help and save lives of the people of Torrevieja.

And, to curl the loop, I found out that more than a year ago, the now independent councillor, Rodolfo Carmona, had exposed the same situation but, they did answer him then saying, as always, that they took note and would solved it.

Nacho Torre-Marin Comas

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