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September 11

Dear Editor,

First of all I need to state that many people in the area object strongly to any criticism aimed at the above establishment because they themselves have always enjoyed good, and efficient treatment from doctors and other staff.

May I state immediately that I and my wife could not be more happy for them, and their good fortune, but I would appreciate that these same people are made aware that there are many of us that experience the opposite.

In the case of my wife, and I, we have been involved in so many bad situations that we could write a book.

The latest has been a continuing saga over 15 months, and concluded at the end of last week. In May of last year my wife was diagnosed with a cataract in each eye, and a preliminary date for the first operation was for two to three months. This period came, and went, another towards the end of the year was postponed.

In March of this year, another ophthalmologist confirmed that the first operation would be carried out around June, so we said that we would organise a short break away at the start of September, but were prepared to cancel at a small financial loss if needed. These dates were recorded on her file for reference.

The day before we were due to depart on our short holiday, my wife had to attend a Denia appointment with the anaesthetist where all tests were satisfactory, we again reiterated that from the next day, for one week, we would be away, so should the break be cancelled. This, we were informed was not necessary, as the first operation would not take place for at least two weeks.

We were FURIOUS on the second day away when the phone rang, and I was informed that my wife was booked in for the first operation of the morning three days later. No amount of pleading the fact that for the three days prior to the operation we had to administer various eye drops, so on a Friday afternoon, halfway up a mountain, how the hell am I meant to arrange a flight home for the next morning?

The callers only reply was that as you will not make the appointment, we will remove you from the list. This date was obviously to fill in a gap, due to a cancellation.

I fully understand that cancelled appointments need to be filled, BUT why not look at the notes, and leave her in whatever position she was in, and phone someone else, the caller would have to make a second call anyway.

Exactly the same type of thing happened to my wife a few years ago with another operation. We received a call from the hospital at 19.30 one August evening, informing us that her operation was booked for 08.00 the next morning.

Again no amount of stating that this was ridiculously short notice, and although we would love to attend, it was impossible to rearrange all meetings, and promises, as some of the clients were unable to be contacted, so again removed from the list and the operation was eventually carried out six months later.

Now as I have stated, we are overjoyed that some out there get excellent treatment, but the flip side is what you have read, and many other situations over the past number of years.
We have now composed an official complaint which is about to be deposited at the office of SAIP in the hospital.

We are totally confident that the complaint will be replied to by defending all staff, and then filed in the waste bin.

Our only recourse now is to arrange the treatments privately and hopefully enjoy staff that in our opinion are less sub-standard.

This just had to be reported, for others to read.

G. D. Johnson.

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