Postal charges

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Moraira Park,
December 19

Dear Editor,

Our post person left us a form to collect a letter from the post office. We live less than one minute from the post boxes, I was at home all day.

Surely it would have taken less time to deliver it than to write out the form.

When we collected, it was a big envelope containing five cards, it was marked ‘cards’ but we had to pay €5 to retrieve it.

One of our neighbours watched the post-person delivering, she went to collect her mail, she also had a form to collect a letter and was also charged €5.

I know there is a charge for parcels (we received one containing a novel and a few sweets and was charged €8.67) but surely not for post.

The postage from England was £4.25p plus €5 here.

Very expensive cards!

Yours sincerely
Moira Wheatcroft

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