Car hire ‘extras’


Formentera del Segura

November 19, 2016


My partner and I have an apartment in Formentera del Segura and are regular users of one of the car hire companies in Alicante airport.

We recently hired a car for a very small sum per day, for which we had to pay over €900 as a retainer. This was paid via a credit card and was due to be refunded in full upon the safe return of the vehicle.

As no refund had been made within three days we contacted the vehicle hire company as well as the credit card company and put a block on any funds being taken.

Today we received an email from company informing us that they were taking €200 due to damage sustained to a door mirror. They also attached a photo which showed the mirror without the cover.

When we returned the car we asked a member of staff if they wanted to inspect it but were asked ‘Is it ok?’, to which we answered that the car is fine. So no inspection made when we were there and no signature on the documents either.

Having been informed of this so-called ‘damage’ we informed the car hire firm, Mastercard and Do You Spain as well as Talk Quesada internet forum. Talk Quesada admin responded to us, stating ‘Well what do you expect when you had such a good deal? They have to get their money somehow!’

This is downright fraud and sharp practice and visitors to Alicante need to beware of taking car hire which may result in encountering other charges for so-called ‘damage’ when none exists.

David Sarjeant

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  1. Mr Serjeant is right to highlight the cons operated by Spanish hire companies. Even the ‘legal’ scams such as the full – return empty fuel tank policy, even for short term hire. And has anyone ever had a hire car which had all the necessary safety equipment required by Spanish law? You might get a hi-visibility waistcoat if you’re lucky! And that’s just for starters.


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