Pensioner refused chronic pain medication

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January 11

Further on from your article in last week’s edition of Costa News (2483) ref. chronic prescription, it quoted regional vice-president Monica Oltra “health is a universal right that cannot be subjected to cuts”.

My wife who has chronic spinal pain, incurable, was on a morphine medicine in the form of a lollipop and has to use three a day, morning, noon and night.

One day on the prescription it vanished, with no explanation. When she went to the doctor to see what it was about, she was told that some person in charge of medicines at Denia hospital said it was for cancer persons only. Live with it, go to the chemist.

That is an impossibility as it is a controlled drug and needs a prescription, plus it is expensive for just one packet, which will last 10 days.

Being old pensioners it is unworkable on the low pension from England.

The Spanish health system gets about £4,000 from the UK to cover each resident pensioner, it does not compute, what is going wrong. We have been in Spain for 30ish years with no problems till now (Brexit?).


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