On the subject of Brexit


September 9, 2017

Sue Wilson’s ‘Reaction to Brexit letter’ states that a letter by GWN, a previous contributor, is ill-informed, and then goes on to assert that ‘the British public are changing their minds,’ about leaving the EU.
This is news to me and I wonder where she gets her information from. No doubt, a lot of people have changed position since the 23rd June 2016 vote, but the impression I get is that on balance more Remainers are now Brexiteers.
There is a lot of misinformation stated as fact in the Brexit debate.
Most of the statements made by Cameron, Osborne, Carney etc. in the Project Fear campaign before the June 23 vote, do not bare close inspection. The only thing that I can think of that they got right was that the value of the pound would decrease against the Euro.
Economists knew that the pound was overvalued before June 23 and the vote turned out to be the catalyst to bring the two currencies more into line. The reason for currency movements are many and varied, and it is too simplistic to blame Brexit. I presume Sue Wilson’s statement that ‘people will suffer, especially those on limited means’ refers mainly to the value of the pound.
I suspect Ms Wilson’s assertions about people changing their minds about Brexit are simply wishful thinking on her part. I know I won’t change her mind about Brexit, but I would urge her to read my long letter on the subject in the CBN of June 9. It is also available on ‘cringe.blog’ after a piece on the word ‘Issue.’
If contributors to CBN letters are going to call other contributors ‘ill-informed,’ they should at least state their sources when doing so.

Chris King

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