Nolotil prescription

Alfaz del Pi
May 18
Referring to the article about Nolotil of May 17. After a recent (Feb 5) minor operation in IMED Hospital Levante Benidorm, I was instructed on the Informe/Alta to take Nolotil after leaving hospital.
I wrote to the Administrator and said that I thought Nolotil was banned from being prescribed for British or Scandinavian patients.
I received the following (among other paragraphs on other matters) from the Director Dr. Hector Mirasol Brull “En cuanto a que la prescripción de Nolotil esté prohibida a pacientes británicos o escandinavos (riesgo de agranulocitosis), siento decirle que no está usted en lo cierto. El etamizol (nolotil) no está prohibido, sino que hay una serie de recomendaciones realizadas por la Agencia Nacional del Medicamento que incluyen la duración del mismo y las condiciones y acceso a control analítico.”
Translated: ‘Regarding the prescription of Nolotil being prohibited for British or Scandinavian patients (risk of agranulocytosis), I regret to inform you that you are not right. Etamizol (Nolotil) is not forbidden, while there are a series of recommendations made by the National Medication Agency regarding the duration (of treatment), and the conditions and access to analysis control.’
Regards PDT
We have passed your comments on to Cristina García del Campo who, as readers know, is currently championing the campaign against the administration of Nolotil to British and Northern European patients in general. You can expect a full report in next week’s edition.

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