Invasive crabs are delicious

Dénia via Texas
May 20
Dear Jo Pugh,
Your article on the invasive blue crabs being found in Calpe and Moraira is of great interest to me (No. 2345, p. 19). The blue crabs are native to the Texas gulf coast where I grew up, and those rascals are delicious!
What are the rules for catching them? Must one have a fishing license? Are crab nets legal here? Where, specifically are they being seen?
I’d love to do my fair share in the control and removal of this invasive yet delicious species, and would truly enjoy introducing a few into my next pot of gumbo.
Thank you for any further information you can provide.
PK Bryant
We contacted Calpe town hall, who said, “In general, the coastal law allows the catching crabs for personal use, but it is not allowed to use fishing rods or more complex fishing tools, as authorisation would then be required. They must not be sold or traded”.


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