No coronavirus measures at Denia hospital


March 9

Dear Editor
I have read your news column on p. 11 of this week’s CBN.
I am more than surprised that the councillor for health, Ana Barceló; the Minister for Health, Salvador Illa; the director of the national centre for medical emergencies, Fernando Simón and the regional president Ximo Puig all seem to agree that all possible preventative measures were being taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus .
I spent two and a half hours at Denia hospital on Tuesday waiting for an assigned appointment. In the same area of outpatients awaiting their turn, there were possibly 100 others, either patients of those accompanying patients. There was no antibacterial gel available.
I asked the staff member manning the computer desk and she did not have any, nor during this lengthy wait, did she attempt to locate any.
At the consultation, which involved resting the chin on a plate and then moving to other eye testing equipment, no swabs were used nor any attempt at cleaning the area was made.
One would like to think that containing this virus would be top of the agenda in an area with people possibly more prone to infection and not only to those coming from Italy or China or Korea.
Is it possible, with the pull the CBN has in the media, the above-mentioned government employees could raise the bar in providing us, in the Valencia region, more protection.

Sincerely yours,
Perlie Lederer Harris

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