Brittle Mijas town hall coalition shatters

Ciudadanos boots PP and is now ruling in minority with just five councillors

Mayor Maldonado on Tuesday with his councillors and other Ciudadanos officials

By Oliver McIntyre

THE Ciudadanos-Partido Popular governing coalition in Mijas, which has been fraught with tensions and conflict almost from the outset, completely ruptured on Tuesday as mayor Juan Carlos Maldonado (Ciudadanos) removed all of the PP councillors from the governing team.

The break-up of the coalition leaves mayor Maldonado and his party governing in the minority, with just five of the 25 seats on the council.

Sr Maldonado said the cancellation of the governing pact came in response to audits that he said had uncovered “irregularities” in PP’s management of municipal affairs when it was in power in the previous administration. He also said that “for months” the PP has been “acting as if they were in the opposition,” making difficult the smooth running of the town hall.

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