Moan about Brexit moan


January 6

I am so pleased that John Cumberland lives in the UK. People like him are not wanted in this beautiful country. His comments about Anthony Wolseley were very rude.
He obviously does not have the intelligence to know the difference between a referendum and an election.
We expats worked in the UK all our working lives and paid our taxes to the government of the day, therefore we earned the right to vote in the referendum. If we had, the outcome would have been very different.
The gentleman surely knows that to have the right to vote here in Spanish politics you have to learn the language and apply for Spanish nationality.
When purchasing a property you are informed what taxes you will be liable to pay each year, and also in the event of selling it on, this of course is governed by how many years you have owned the house.
After living here for 25 years and integrating in the Spanish culture there is no different law for the Spanish or ourselves. Those laws are made by the EU.
Viva Estonia!
V Wraight


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