Late delivery in Castellón

August 11
I have bought your paper for many years now and thoroughly enjoy it. However, the last two editions of Costa Levante News have been late in arriving in my town, Alcossebre, Castellón. The first time it didn’t arrive at my newsagents until Sunday, last Friday’s paper didn’t arrive until Saturday. My newsagent tells me that this is likely to happen for the foreseeable future.
If this is the case, can you please change the handy Med TV guide to run from Saturday to Saturday? Hope this is just a temporary situation.
Patricia Stacey
Dear Reader
First, of all, we are most grateful for your faithful custom, especially in this difficult period we are all enduring. As you have realised, this is indeed a temporary problem caused by the current economic circumstances added to safety and health restrictions imposed due to the Covid-19 epidemic that we are trying to resolve with our distributors. We have taken on board you request, however the TV listings are sent in by an independent supplier and further arrangements would be required. We hope we can resolve the late distribution issue before that, but if, for some reason, we could no longer deliver newspaper in Castellón province on Fridays, we will of course notify readers and change the date of the newspaper accordingly.
We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause in the meantime.

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