I don’t believe in coincidences

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July 19

Dear Sir,

Well that was a quick response following the letter about poor maintenance in Quesada in your letters page on July 8.

The writer was complaining that despite polite requests to the municipal centre in Quesada about maintaining public areas nothing was being done.

I noticed that on Tuesday, July 12, there was a group of workers pulling up weeds on the roundabout and surrounding areas at the top of Avenida del Aeropuerto.

This was the area that was being complained about.

I do not believe in coincidences and I have no doubt that these workers were diverted from a job in Rojales. I have never seen the streets so bad as they are this year with weeds growing through pavements and from gutters, some as high as one foot.

I have come to the conclusion that Quesada is not getting its fair share of the services and most are concentrated on Rojales.

Joe Bloggs

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