Cry for help to save 120 horses


March 13

Dear Sir or Madam,
The Easy Horse Rescue Centre in Rojales has had a diabolical run of bad luck, and the charity is on its knees. Their winter supply of hay worth €17,000 was destroyed in the September storms. They reordered new supplies of hay, but were swindled by the transport company. The hay never arrived.
The government has imposed 21% tax on the sole income they receive from charity shops. They need €17,000 to pay off the bill from last year’s hay… which had been destroyed. The ongoing weekly forage cost is €2,000 per week, for 120 horses and donkeys.
The terrible catastrophe of disasters has robbed food from the horses’ mouths with possibly fatal consequences. The charity owners are desperate.
Please would you run an appeal/article to draw attention to their plight, on the website and paper, and maybe there will be a chance to save the lives of these poor animals that have been rescued from cruelty and neglect.

Yours sincerely
Louise Cranfield


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