I agree over Brexit letter


April 23, 2017

I totally agree with Tony Nicholl’s comments. It follows my own letters of the same vein to “Letters to the editor” let’s face it, most expats are not interested in politics, just the ‘euro rate to the pound’ and how much pension they get and what’s the best TV system. They only wanted to vote against the Brexit because they all think they are going to get kicked out of Spain, which is hilarious really. Even to the extent of changing citizenship! It’s no wonder the PM changed her mind as the remoaners, House of Lords Tony Blair, Fallon, Heseltine etc,etc, would only hinder her every move during the negotiation with the other lot!
The resentment here in Spain by the expats towards Brexit is purely selfish in my opinion. Most of us are going through the last chapters of our lives and this major change towards UK is for the benefit of those to take our place. The UK has made a historical decision and a very brave one at that. The European Union is not a union! It is a dictatorship! By unelected so called “politicians” who are not anywhere near qualified quangos! The enormous costs of running this establishment is way above its means. It does not know exactly where their deficits are or the real budget costs. How come most southern countries in the EU are still going through austerity? High unemployment, Greece gagging for another bail out, Italy not looking too good with a disastrous economy. And still the EU want other Eastern bloc poorer countries to join up! Yes I’m sure they would as they all need propping up and that’s why they have requested a leaving bonanza from UK which of course will be nowhere near their request. They are envious of the progress that has been made by the UK since the decision taken, I just wish the United Kingdom will hold together during negotiations with Brussels and after Brexit as there will be more flexibility between the nations, more export of services, manufacturing, Agricultural and Fisheries to be in absolute charge. Do not forget the British heritage, we are made of something more – than. Meanwhile enjoy the summer!

Roy Eaton Hall

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