Born in the USA


April 24, 2017

In reference to the article ‘Born in the USA by Fiona Jennison, which appeared in the April 7-13 edition of the CBNews, I have the following comment to make:
A full page devoted to hate and spite; how sad is that?! How long did Ms Jennison spend in the United States? Did she vote in the last election; does she have financial interests there? I think not!
I had the absolute pleasure of working and living in the US for over 20 years. And I do not recognise the US Ms Jennison describes.
As for the numerous requests for a longer interview with the one Trump supporter, has she ever heard of the word ‘harassment’?

Name withheld

95 percent of the article Born In The USA was made up of the opinions of Americans whom I interviewed. Their words, not mine. Their fears and concerns. And they were eloquent individuals, not filled with hate and spite at all. More than anything individuals understandably worried and embarrassed by Trump and his policies. I did not claim to have lived, worked or invested in the States. These things aren’t necessary to form an opinion on Trump (nor on America’s gun problem.) Just a little research, watching the news and reading the papers, and talking to other intelligent Americans. Lastly, I assume here (rightly or wrongly) that the writer of this letter is the pro-Trump contributor who didn’t get back to me with further comment. Three or four polite and friendly emails and messages spread out over two weeks from a well-meaning journalist aiming for a balanced article does not constitute harassment.

Fiona Jennison

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