Freezing oranges


Callosa de Ensarria
February 3

Your article “All about oranges” said that the whole fruit could not be frozen. News to me, we always freeze our own oranges for the late summer. They may not be as perfect as fresh but they are better than shop bought. And free!!

Carol and Martin Tustin

Dear Carol. and Martin,

Not all types of oranges freeze well, and the quality of the fruit isn’t quite the same after thawing.

Some varieties of orange have a very bitter compound called limonin develop when they are frozen.

This compound is found in higher levels in Navel oranges, which makes them a poor choice for freezing whole or as juice.

Navel oranges look like they have a bellybutton, hence their name.

If your defrosted oranges taste fine, they must be one of the few varieties that don’t produce limonin.


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