Covid-19 vaccines


N. Ireland
21 October, 2020

The global infection mortality rate for Covid-19 (WHO/Stanford, October 14 study) is 0.23%, which means that one in every 434 people infected with Covid-19 will die.

With immunity levels increasing, including T cell immunity, we should see even this rate decrease over time. But the panic for a vaccine continues.

Three deaths out of every 100 in the UK is from Covid-19. So why the big focus on Covid-19? I would suggest that cancer and heart disease kill far more people than Covid-19.

However, tackling cancer and heart disease probably requires lifestyle changes that don’t result in mega-profits for large, global corporations. For a multi-billion-dollar business plan to succeed requires a saleable product. A vaccine will do nicely. Cue, smiley emoticon.

Louis Shawcross

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