Feral cat neutering funds clarification


August 24

Dear Sir/Madam
In the CBN today, there is an article regarding the sum of €2,320.00 being made available by Alicante provincial government to Jávea to help with the neutering of feral cats.
The article states that this sum “will be made available to the Jávea Feral Cat Association to aid its ongoing work”
This is not correct. No money has ever been given or would be given directly to the charity. The money is allocated to Jávea town.
The vets who are participating in the programme have to apply for reimbursement of the cost of neutering the feral cats.
One hundred per cent of all money received by Jávea Feral Cat Association is from the general public. We have never received any funds directly from national or local government
I would be obliged if you could print a correction to this effect in the next edition of the CBNews.

Many thanks
Liz Trafford
President, Jávea Feral Cat Association

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