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August 20, 2016

With reference to the letter from Dave Peachey regarding obtaining a new EHIC card, I have been in Denia 16 years, originally from 2004 on my husband’s name for health care. Just few weeks ago I attempted to update my EHIC card. After many phone calls I eventually got my card, but on a visit to my NH doctor here a week later was told I no longer had free prescriptions or health care.

I rang the UK Gov site for expats’ health care and was advised that although they had my form from 2004, a form S1 they sent to me in September 2010 had not been returned. This was because I then became eligible in my own right. I never received this form in 2010, and they said it was their policy NOT to chase these up.

Since 2010 I have received extensive Spanish health care, obviously not paid for by UK. Only now, after a five-week wait, have I received a new S1 form, duly accepted by Denia Health Department, and have now become legal. I hope Denia Health send a hefty bill to the UK, as this seems an ongoing “problem” very convenient for the UK.

Tricia Lemon

August 22

I would like Dave Peachey to know that if he calls the overseas health care department on their number, which he will get online, he will get sorted no problem. I did mine – it took two minutes.

J  Hibberd

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