CV-70 La Nucía to Benidorm road

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Nov 11

Dear Sirs,

I recently moved to the old town of La Nucía and I work in Benidorm. Hence I have to use the CV-70 twice a day. I am absolutely amazed and saddened, that they are digging up healthy plants to put cement down. In a world that we are trying to save.

How is this right ?

I lived in Jalón for many years and it is taking me longer to do a 20 minute drive, than the time it took me from Jalón to Benidorm. It is bumper to bumper traffic all the way, and I don’t even travel at peak times. I have even tried driving through Alfaz del Pi and going the other route, but great minds think alike and that is bumper to bumper.

I am sure I am not the only person feeling this is totally wrong.

Kind regards
Susan Ribley

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  1. its time they got there finger out and do something about the speeding of traffic down cv70, nobody does the 50 speed limit it needs speed bumps all the way down,

  2. still nothing done about the speeding on the cv70, its difficult getting out of the driveway , its like a race track, and its time they had spot checks on motorbikes for defective silencers . mr G Wilson


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