Confused by coronavirus restrictions


November 11

Dear Editor,

Where are we heading with all these restrictions, I know they are necessary and I know it’s not really anyone’s fault but seriously I just can’t keep up. One minute, you can have family from different households together then just your family without mum and dad, you can sit on terraces of bars and restaurants, then only so many inside.

It’s actually got to the stage, I truly don’t know what is permitted and it makes me nervous because I never know if I am breaking the rules. I talk to different people and they all say the same. Don’t have a clue.

It’s almost easier to stay in at least you don’t have the stress of worrying about it. Even though then you are not supporting local businesses who really need our help at the moment. With everyone shopping on-line, the local family businesses don’t stand a charge and before we know it we won’t have them at all, which would be a very sad day.

I know the government has tried to keep everything going and leaving the decisions to the regional governments if they need to lockdown or not which does make sense, but it’s so difficult to plan anything even the simplest things.

Goodness knows what is in front of us, we are heading for December with such uncertainly with Xmas, New Year and Three Kings up in the air as to what we can do or not.

All I can say is “Just be Strong”
Jenny More

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