Driving in Spain after Brexit


Graham Shelton, retired author of CBN column “Mediterranan Motoring”, has kindly answered some queries regarding driving in Spain.

Hi Graham

Can you tell me do you know what the rules after Brexit for driving in Spain are?

I am non- resident, but I have my villa there in Benimar with two cars on Spanish plates, ITV tested and insured in Spain.

Will I still be able to drive them after Brexit without having a Spanish licence?

Cheers Paul

Hi Paul
I don’t think that even Boris Johnson knows what is happening over Brexit, but below is my view:
1 – A driver must hold a licence in the country in which he is resident
2 – A driver cannot simultaneously hold more than one licence issued in different countries
3 – The only exception to the above is that anyone with a licence can obtain an international driving permit. I have had one of these in the past when I hired a car in the USA, but I believe that these are renewable annually
4 – To me, it is inconceivable that Spain will not continue to recognise UK licences as they receive so many visitors from the UK who hire cars, but if so, point 3 would apply
Hope that this helps

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