Climate change

January 1
Dear Sirs,
All climate experts agree that the Greenland ice sheet is melting much faster than estimated a year or so ago.
The water held there we are told, will raise ocean levels by 9 metres, roughly 30 feet, the height of a single story building.
Would somebody like to redraw a new map of Calpe to show the effect. My guess is that the beach will become halfway up Gabriel Miro!
It is likely that the horrendous forest fires in Australia will release enough CO2 into the atmosphere to negate a whole year’s effort by the world to reduce it. So why bother!
Our forebears from long ago survived droughts, global freezing and heating. The children born during the time of these extreme conditions adapted to the ambience in which they found themselves. This is why we have survived as a species; we are able to adapt.
Peter Purvey

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