Trees and trains


January 17, 2017

Dear Ed
Have you ever stopped to wonder how many leaves grow on an average, healthy tree in a single year in England?
The answer, according to Google, is an incredible 200,000!
Why is this important to us? Well, it isn’t, because we live in Spain.
But think of all those commuters back in Blighty, travelling on the planned HS2 railway line connecting London with the Midlands and North of England.
The powers-that-be are planning to plant seven million trees along the route – all very beautiful, and the birds will be happy.
But look at the sums. Seven million trees times 200,000 leaves equals a vast number of leaves left free to fall on the railway lines, bringing the whole network to a halt.
Has this aspect been considered? Think about it. It could be a huge problem. Just now they’re having to cope with floods, snow and strikes. Then leaves!
Is there any hope?

Chris Hare

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