Circus elephants killed on the road


April 4, 2018

The recent truck accident that killed an elephant and injured others is only the most recent reason to demand the end of the use and abuse of these and other wild animals in circuses. Elephants have been used as living car jacks, chained up by their four legs and hit with bull hooks, causing them a great physical and psychological pain.
There are tigers that have been left without water while their keepers slept nearby, and last summer a tigress was shot when she escaped during a stop to rest. There have been circus trains that have crashed and animals have been trapped in the toppled trailers. Circus animals are caged and chained for the best part of their lives and are obliged to perform under the threat of punishment, hence the only way of guaranteeing their safety is to put an end to their use in performances.
Compassionate people who believe that no animal must suffer in the name of entertainment must make their indignation known by refusing to attend these cruel shows.

Sasha Camilli
PETA Foundation

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