Children in restaurants


August 28, 2016

I think there should be signs up in restaurants about children running around while people are eating, and spoiling their evening. One little boy running around had no shoes or socks on!
The parents did not tell him once to sit down while the food was on the table.
Some children don’t know how to sit on a chair. They come to the restaurants with an iPad. When the food is served they continue playing on the iPad while the parents eat their meal. The children, who normally get a plate of chips, don’t know what a knife and fork are, by what I can see of it.
The parents like to enjoy their meal without telling the children a few table manners. It’s too much effort.
One little boy was sitting at the table with his football. They should be made to leave footballs, iPads at home and enjoy their meal with the family.
But today this is probably too much to expect from the parents.


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