Campsites’ rising prices


October 28, 2016

Dear journalist
I am writing in the hope you can publish and investigate the legality of price rises on campsites (Raco Benidorm).
First of all, I wish to stay anonymous due to intimidation from the owner of Camping Raco.
Basically, our site fees as residents on the campsite have increased a massive €350 a year from 1st January 2017, taking our fees from €2,325 every six months to €2,500 every six months. I am wondering if this is legal for such a massive increase in one rise.
To make matters worse, car park spaces have increased from 50 cents per day to €1 per day.
Raco residents are feeling intimidated to voice concerns as the attitude is leave or be evicted. Having invested an amount of money on our caravans we feel this is unjust. We must have rights, or maybe not.
Please can you print a response so we can understand if we have rights.

Thank you in advance
Anonymous, Camping Raco Benidorm

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