Campervan free loaders



January 21, 2014

Regarding the campervan free loaders – we have been in Spain since the beginning of November in our campervan, choosing to stay on a proper campsite with proper facilities enabling us to be able to empty our grey waste water and our chemical toilet in the correct way.

Also we believe that it is the proper way to behave, if we all do what these free loaders do all the campsites in the region would close.

We have seen for ourselves the campers in Alcazares and it is appalling, but the worse was just down the road from the Mar Menor campsite this looked like a traveller site, they should not be allowed to stay as they give us all a bad name and do not contribute anything, there must have been nearly 200 of them, well set up with their satellite dishes up, solar for their electric, not only that they all sat out at their table and chairs eating and drinking some were on their sunbeds sunning themselves without a care in the world.

Well they can be like that can’t they – they have not paid a penny just robbing businesses of their livelyhood.

If the can’t afford to pay their way they should not be here. Another thing where do they empty their toilet waste?

I am absolutely disgusted this is allowed to go on.

Name withheld

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