Brian and the EU


March 2

Dear Editor,

Your correspondent ‘Brian’ decided to try to carry out a hatchet job on the European Union in the edition of March 26.

He started off with the obvious dig, which was to try to trumpet the UK’s success in acquiring vaccines and labelling the European effort ‘an almighty mess up’. What he failed to state was that the death toll in the UK was so bad (the worst in Europe) that Boris Johnson’s failing government was forced to do everything in its power to put an end to the suffering in that country. They have done well with the vaccinations, but Spain is now starting to catch up.

‘Brian’ (the life of?) then launched into the main thrust of his diatribe, which was to try to paint the EU as being a product of the ‘liberal left’. This is when he started to move into the zone of the surreal. It is very difficult to ascertain how he has been able to miss that the EU has been dominated by Angela Merkel’s conservative party-run Germany for at least 15 years. This is why the EU is a subject of ire for many on the left.

It’s one of the reasons why Jeremy Corbyn offered such little support to the campaign to stay in the EU when he was leader of the British Labour party. Also the European People’s Party – made up of conservative MEPs – is the largest party in the European parliament.

Bearing all that in mind, how can the European Union be the hotbed of ‘red’ activity painted by Brian’s imagination? The fact that he then moves on to have a pop at the Labour party in the UK reveals more about his agenda. This is clearly to try to link his two bug bears – the left and the EU. He obviously hates both and would like to associate both ideas in the minds of your readers.

However, he failed miserably in his mission,
Robert Smith

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