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July 3, 2016

The Vote Leave campaign won by a small majority – and that’s it, like it or loath it, that’s democracy and it must be honoured.
They keep saying carry on as normal for at least two years. It’s the after two years is what bothers me and should bother other British people living in Spain. We need to know now so that we can make plans for our future, especially when it comes to healthcare. Only a week ago President Rajoy of Spain said he would not agree a reciprocal deal with the UK on heathcare if the UK leaves. For the simple reason – over 100,000 Spanish live and work in the UK and over half a million British live in Spain. The majority of Spanish living in the UK are under 45, while the huge majority of British in Spain are pensioners. Basically it does not add up financially.
However, he might be saying no deal perhaps to people wanting to emigrate to Spain in the future. We will have to see what happens. But I for one want to know now…

Mr Wallace

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