Warning from Crime Watch Spain


July 4

*Whatever you do, please don’t facilitate personal details on emails/web/phone. Serious companies will usually send you some correspondence to fill in.
*If you have a digital facility, please lock your car from inside to avoid intruders opening your car from outside using a long-distance digital remote control.
*When going out and about, please don’t carry too much money or business cards on you. It’s also important to have some kind of document with your personal details, passport, in case the police stop you for any reason. This is Spain. Everything is un-expected.
*If the police stop you driving without a driving license or insurance payment slip, they won’t like it, but you will probably be told to take your documents to the police station within seven days without fail.
*When going somewhere or coming from somewhere please always look around for a few seconds, because these few seconds looking around could stop some crooks or robbers entering your house, your garden or your car.
*In parking places check your car tyres and watch out for pickpocket opportunists.

Jose Rivero (President)

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