June 6

I have to take issue with your correspondent Edith Schwarz about the last sentence of her letter in issue 2452.

Ms Schwartz’s letter is well reasoned until her last sentence. Quote ‘Good luck if the reader wishes to return to the UK, maybe Belfast is a good place to start.’ Unquote.

Ms Schwartz would appear to be indicating there is something distasteful about Belfast and I have to say YES it would be a good place to start.

Has Ms Schwartz ever been to Belfast – I sincerely doubt it – if she had she would find a very cosmopolitan city on a par with any other UK city.

The only issue with Belfast and NI is it suffers as does the rest of the UK with inept, incompetent politicians.

You would not find in Belfast, as has been recently reported about the UK capital London, machete wielding thugs running rampage through a very public area in the middle of the city causing mayhem and injury to others. She would likely be safer in Belfast than in many other UK cities.

So please Ms Schwartz explain to all of us from Belfast and Northern Ireland what it is you are trying to indicate about OUR lovely capital city.

Eric Millar

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