Bank charges and international money transfers


March 3

Dear Editor,

After reading Nicole Chandler’s letter on page 23 of the latest edition (CBN 2438), can I suggest that Nicole and your other readers use a company called TransferWise (soon to change name to Wise), who had the forethought to open an office in Belgium pre-Brexit, to avoid such problems.

A very, very low fee, mid-market rate and arrives within seconds, without the receiving bank charging a fee.

John Price

P.S. I am a customer, not an employee, by the way!

Dear John,

Thank you for your email and advice. We would like to point out that a number of different companies offer international money transfers, who also have a presence in Spain which allows them to avoid levying charges, as you point out. We would advise our readers to shop around and look at all the options to get the best deal available, as exchange rates can vary, depending on the company.

The Editor.

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