Denominación de Origen Somontano


Personally, I’ve not tasted a below par wine from DO Somontano. So, when I was able to secure a place at the recent Masterclass, presented by the Consejo Regulador, Ruling Council, of the DO itself, I was, of course, delighted. I was keen to learn more as well as have my expectations confirmed. I wasn’t disappointed!
This was the second DO Masterclass of the Wine Professionals Sector tasting day organised by Verema (, whose tasting session I also attended last year. I’m hoping to be there again next year and into the future too – they are excellent!
In direct contrast to the presentation by DO Almansa in the earlier session, DO Somontano’s was, typically, very professional. Although the DO isn’t that old (established 1984, where DO Rioja, for example, was founded in the 20s) they are nevertheless experienced old hands at promoting their wines and their member bodegas. You Tube Colin Harkness On Wine
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