Bank charges


February 20


Dear Editor,

I wish to bring new bank charges that have apparently been introduced by Caixa bank, since January due to Brexit, to the attention of other expats bringing their UK pensions directly to their accounts in Spain.

I have been informed by my advisor that I now have to pay €15 for my deceased husband’s pension from the Bank of England (we had lived in Spain since 2016) and €15 for my state pension every month.

Also if I receive a transfer from the UK I have to pay €15.

I have been told by my advisor that I can avoid these charges if I purchase an emergency alarm watch paying €30 a month for three years then the payment will be reduced to €9 a month indefinitely and then these bank charges would be cancelled and I would be reimbursed from January.

I already have a security alarm in my property so do not require this service from Caixa. I do hope this assists fellow expats, especially those like myself who are widowed pensioners,

Yours sincerely,
Nicole Chandler.

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