Málaga battered by €10m storm

Sunday's deluge dumped a quarter of the city's average annual rainfall

In one dramatic incident, part of a road in the Cerrado de Calderón neighbourhood collapsed, taking two parked cars with it as well as a third one that was driving along the road, though its two occupants were unhurt (Photo: EFE)

It was one of the worst downpours in the history of Málaga. For two hours early on Sunday the city was pounded by torrential rain and hail storms causing damage to 2,800 buildings and 700 vehicles which will cost an estimated €10 million to repair. Remarkably, no serious injuries have been reported.

The centre and the east of Málaga were worst affected, with the regional government estimating they were drenched by 126 millimetres of torrential rain during the two-hour period starting around 3am. By the end of Sunday the total was 153mm, over a quarter of the city’s average annual rainfall.

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