Albir dog toilet


August 8, 2016

Attention of the editor

An open area west of the golf course in Albir (close to Andres Segovia street) has now become Albir’s open dog toilet. Every morning this area is visited by lots of dog owners. Without any hygienic responsibility, they use the area for leaving lots of dog faeces.
This incredible situation is very unsanitary and infectious for city guests and residents. Every day lots of cars drive into the area and are thus transporting dog droppings on their tyres further into the town.
It’s a shame for Albir and Alfaz del Pi that this pollution and littering continues without the authorities trying to stop it.
Tourists in Albir now demand that the mayor and the health board solve this problem.
Our suggestion is to set up large prohibition signs and impose inspection of the area. All dog owners should be obliged to pick up their dog droppings into plastic bags. For this purpose the municipality should place containers for dog droppings around the town. Moreover, careless dog owners should be given a hefty fine.
How fast are the Spaniards to react on this?
This complaint is forwarded on behalf of a major Scandinavian tourist group.


Ted Wilford

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